Interactive Play

Interactive Play

Soccer Darts

Score a bull’s eye at your next party with our Giant Inflatable Soccer Dart. Our inflatable Soccer Dart is the perfect interactive game for all ages. We provide six velcro soccer balls for immediate play.

$250 2HR
(12’H x 18’W x 7’L)
Book Now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC

Viking Axe Throw

Get ready to channel your inner Viking! Grab one of our Velcro Axes and compete against guests in this fun, interactive game everyone will love!

$250 2HR
(10’H X 10.5’W X 18’L)
Book Now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC

Hoverball Archery

Four air streams keep target balls floating for endless hours of target shooting fun for all skill levels. Play against a friend and see how many floating balls you can shoot down! A fun and safe game for the whole family!

$250 2HR
(10’W X 8’H X 4.5’L)
Book Now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC

Interactive Play System Cones (IPS)

Try our IPS Battle Cones, an upgraded and faster paced version of the classic Whack-A-Mole. Set our cones up in any configuration and go head to head chasing the lights. It’s great for relay races, sport training or any competition based game.

$250 2HR
Book Now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC

Hydro Blaster

Keep cool, compete and have a “Blast”! Four players compete to burst a water filled balloon over the opponent’s head. A fun way to keep kids and adults entertained during any event.

$250 1HR

 (Water supply is required by customer)

Book Now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC

Duck Hunt Shooting Gallery

Duck Hunting has never been more fun and safe (for Ducks). Two players go head to head as they enter into a battle to hit as many targets as possible. A perfect game for kids and adults.

$300 2HR
(2hrs 11’L x 11’W x 9’H)
Book Now in LI & NYCBook Now in NJ & SI

Gaga Pit

Everyone is going gaga over gaga! Our 20’ diameter Gaga Pit has plenty of room for all the dodging, running and jumping. A Fun and Easy game for everyone.

$250 2HR
Book Now in LI & NYCBook Now in NJ & SI

Hurricane Bubble Haze Machine

Our Haze Bubbles look like floating snowballs but when popped the (non-toxic) smoke explodes into the air. Makes chasing and popping bubbles fun for all ages.

$100 1HR
Book Now in LI & NYCBook Now in NJ & SI

Bubble King

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Our Classic Bubble Machine produces 100’s of long-lasting bubbles. The perfect add-on to any party.

$75 1HR
Book Now in LI & NYCBook Now in NJ & SI


Go head to head with our Interactive Basketball Game. Real Time Scoring, Real Time Fun!! Shoot the ball in the hoop and watch the scoreboard as your points go up. Great for kids of all ages!

$250 2HR
(15’L x 16’W x 11’H)
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