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Foam Parties

Foam parties make everlasting memories of fun and laughs to all that attend. Let VisionWorks Mobile Entertainment turn your Party into the Ultimate Foam Party Playground.

*NOTE: Our Foam Daddy Cannon is IBCCES Certified. *

Our Foam Cannon requires an active water supply with a garden hose that will reach the location of the Cannon. (We can provide a 100′ hose if requested.)

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Foam Party


1HR of Ultra Concentrated Foam Solution. Biodegradable and Hypo Allergenic. Non-Staining. No Scent.

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Reveal Party


1HR of PINK/BLUE Ultra Concentrated Foam Solution. Biodegradable and Hypo Allergenic. No Scent. Colored Foam may stain.

book now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC

Black Light Party


Who said you can’t Party with FOAM when the Sun goes down? Experience VisionWorks Mobile Entertainments Black Light Foam Party.

1HR Glow Foam Solution. Biodegradable and Hypo Allergenic. Non-Staining. No Scent.

• Blacklight
• Glowsticks

book now in NJ & SIBook Now in LI & NYC


(15′ x 15′)

Foam Party FAQs


A foam party is a one-of-a-kind event where guests can dance, play, and have fun with sudsy, bubbly foam that’s several feet deep. Often hosted outside or in a spacious indoor venue, foam parties are an incredible experience for kids and adults alike!

What is a foam machine?

A foam machine is a piece of motorized equipment that produces the foam for a foam party, using a specialized solution. There are various types of foam machines, ranging from compact models to extra-large cannons.

Do you offer foam party packages?

Yes! Get the best value with one of our foam machine packages, including all of the necessities for your foam party.

Is the Foam machine solution safe?

Yes, the foam solution is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-staining hypoallergenic. This is completely safe for kids and adults. 

Do you have colored foam?

Yes! We can color the foam solution or UV the foam solution for a blacklight party. Color may stain clothes slightly.

What happens if the foam gets blown around?

     Your neighbors get to enjoy a foam party for free. This will happen from time to time and it looks like clouds floating really low. The foam is basically like putting your clothes in the washer or a car through the car wash.

How much Foam is produced during a 1hr Party?

Our solution is mixed with 40 gallons of water in a 55 gallon drum. We can fill our 15×15 foam pit with 4ft of foam using only 10 gallons of solution of our mixture. It’s a lot of foam and a lot of fun! 


Our Foam Cannon is IBCCES Certified:

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