Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Package 1: $425

– (3) Carnival Games
– (1) Four Sided Carnival Tent
– (1) Table w/ Carnival Tablecloth

Package 2: $800

– (6) Carnival Games
– (2) Four Sided Carnival Tents
– (2) Tables w/ Carnival Tablecloth

Package 3: $1200

– (10) Carnival Games
– (3) Four Sided Carnival Tents
– (4) Tables w/Carnival Tablecloth


$100 PER 2 HOURS

Based on the simple two player game, this Tic Tac Toe carnival game uses wiffle balls to try and create a line of three in a row


$100 PER 2 HOURS

Toss the plastic rings over the bottle to win in this classic Ring A Bottle carnival game. Every bottle is a winner or aim for a specific color.

Can Smash

$100 PER 2 HOURS

This classic Can Smash carnival game features six stacked cans to try and knock down with a hacky sack. Knock them all down to win.

Fish In A Bowl

$100 PER 2 HOURS

Don’t mind the hungry cat as you try to bounce a small wiffle ball into one of the nine plastic fish bowls in the Fish In A Bowl carnival game.

Balloon Pop

$100 PER 2 HOURS

This classic Balloon Pop carnival game uses magnetic darts to try and pop the balloons. The closer to the center, the greater the score.

Strike Three

$100 PER 2 HOURS

One, two, three strikes you’re out in the Strike Three carnival game. Toss the hacky sacks into the catcher’s mitt and strike the batter out.

Duck Hunt

$100 PER 2 HOURS

No carnival would be complete without this classic Duck Hunt carnival game. Throw hacky sacks to knock down the rubber ducks to win.

Shock Wave

$100 PER 2 HOURS

Maneuver the wand down the center rod without touching the sides in the Shock Wave carnival game. Be careful, or you might get zapped!

Hi Striker

$150 PER 2 HOURS

Test your strength and ring the bell. A Great classic for kids from 4-10yrs of age.

Chicken Fight

$100 PER 2 HOURS

Send a Rubber Chicken flying through the air and hit the target to win. Our 6ft Version is perfect for your party.


$100 PER 2 HOURS

Get the bell to ring in this game of skill. Roll the Ball up the ramp without it coming back down to win. A great 6ft Carnival Game.



+$25 ADD ON


+$175 ADD ON

50 Assorted Medium Prizes

+$100 ADD ON

100 Assorted Small Prizes

+$100 ADD ON
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